Weather forecast initiates turbo trainer purchase

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Hi guys

Well after a forecast of possibly a further three weeks of bad weather and no sign of spring I decided I needed to have an alternative to help get some miles in my legs and time on the saddle for my backside.

I bought the elite volare from Halfords for 95 quid plus the riser for the front wheel for a further 13 quid which I didn't think was too bad.

It took approx ten minutes to set up and considering I'm only good with six inch nails and hammers that's pretty good going.

It all seems to work well apart from its louder than I thought it would be, although it is running knobbly tyres at the moment so I guess with a slick it will be quieter . The only trouble with that is having to change tyres all the time if I want to go on the trails but I don't think there is an alternative without buying a back wheel etc etc.

One question though, how do you use these, by time ie set off to do an hour or so or is there some way of linking the cycle computer up so you can see how many miles you've done ?

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    It will be quieter with a slick tyre,my turbo is.For milage etc i just have a wired computer with the sender on the back wheel.Mainly I use HR monitor for turbo sessions.You can do short interval sessions or longer sessions,depends on what you want to gain.
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  • I just did the same for me and the Missus. We went with Minoura V130 trainers, which arrived today. We decided to grab a cheap rear wheel to put a turbo tyre on to save switching tyres all the time.

    Training wise, we had a go today on a sufferfest video which was great fun and more interesting than just staring at the wall. I have a garmin 910xt with the cadence and speed sensors on the bike anyway and the HRM. These seemed to work ok with the turbo.
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    Get yourself some sufferfest downloads to help maintain focus.
  • i just watch re runs of tours de france of the past via chickasmith on YT, phil liggett banging on in your earphones as you watch some history - superb, totally zones me in esp the climbing stages - looking forward to cathing the few seasons i missed due to playstation abuse :oops:
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    Sufferfest all the way. Gives you something to try to follow and remember, if there isn't a big puddle of sweat on the floor, then your not pushing yourself hard enough. ha ha.
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    Good luck with the turbo trainer, mine has been getting a lot of use recently.

    I think they are probably best for focused sessions like interval training, as you can control your efforts more easily than on the road (no traffic lights/ descents to interfere with your efforts) but I've been doing longer sessions too with the weather being so bad.
  • Bought one recently too, mostly for the other half.

    Although with the recent weather it's came in handy.
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    Well tonight I've taken the rear wheel off my other kona and put a slick tyre on it. The noise difference is amazing, so if noise matters to you while your on your trainer with an mtb then change to a slick on the rear it works great

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