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Bristol to Bath cyclepath questions

charlottebrewercharlottebrewer Posts: 2
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Sorry if this isn't the best place for these questions but thought you guys might be the best ppl to ask,

I'm interested in using this cycle path (for fun rather than commuting) and was wondering:

If there are any train stations near to access points en route. (Im neither in Bristol, nor bath, but nearish)

Is it suitable for a very Novice Novice (never done any hills on a bike really, biggest climb thus far has been about 96ft and my commute averages 164ft over 1.4 miles - so my app tells me, also longest ride so far has prob been 10 miles)

Is it safe i.e. from crime.

Hoping to try this (or at least part of it) when Summer eventually gets itself here.


C :)


  • redveeredvee Posts: 11,921
    The closest station to the cyclepath is probably Lawrence Hill in Bristol, the path crosses a bridge at the far end of the station but to get to the path from the station is 1/4 mile ride and possibly a flight of stairs. There is one 'hill' on the path near Warmley with a 2.9% average gradient over 1/3 mile. Safe from crime? there have been problems along the path but this is mainly after dark I think though some daylight problems too.
    As a novice you should be OK on the path, I was 30+ years ago when the path first ran from Bitton to Bath.
    I've added a signature to prove it is still possible.
  • robertsimsrobertsims Posts: 141
    Use it most days to get to work. Perfect for novices, no hills to note (slight up and downs- generally rising from Bristol up to Bath). It's about 13-15 miles in length (depends how you classify the end in Bath). I've never had any problems on the path, but I use it at busy times in morning and after work (although often do early morning rides to increase mileage to Bath then into Bristol (I live about half way along path). I have heard of issues at night with crime, but in day should be fine.
    Triban 3
  • Living nearish should put you in easy capacity of riding to it, its not worth getting a train too, there are plenty of comparably safe places to get started riding nearby.

    I live out near Midsomer Norton and use it from Saltford in to Bristol on my commute. No real hills around there, only false flats. Never felt a problem safety wise, apart from risking hypothermia in recent temperatures... brrr..

    As previously alluded to, I can't imagine riding it for pleasure, there are a lot of nicer places to ride in my view.
  • mudcoveredmudcovered Posts: 725
    The bristol/bath path is about 2 miles from the railway station in Bath as well and can be accessed via a riverside cycle path that takes you from the city centre to the path start almost completely traffic free.

    Pleasure riding is usually fine and while it might be boring to some there is something appealing about being able to relax, not worry about traffic and just cruise along sometimes which is when I usually ride it. :)

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