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Sanity check

Nick LuffNick Luff Posts: 3
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I currently own a GT Aggressor XC2. It came with a set of Suntour XCR front forks. When the front wheel is lifted the forks drop and make a clunking noise whether they're locked out or not. I live in South Wales and apparently have easy access to some of the best bike trails in the country (Afan Forest trail centre is around a 15 minute drive). A bunch of mates have invited me along but I'm not sure a bike bought from a well known orange and black bike (non) specialist is up to the job. Especially with the forks the way they are. So the question is should I keep the GT & upgrade the forks or bin it and buy a Cube Reaction GTC Race 29? The reason there's such a wide difference in the 2 options is that I'm trying to convice the boss to let me get the Cube and she's telling me we can only afford the forks but a decent set costs more than I paid for the complete bike in the first place.


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    What is your budget? And year of model of the GT? Teh Cube is a very racy bike, steep angles ie fast handling. Light, but not forgiving.
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,785
    Top out clunk is normal on the Suntour XC range, in fact it would be a concenr if you didn't have it!

    Tha Aggresor will cope fine, the lower spec forks will not make it as easy for you in terms of suspension quality but they are well up to the job, why not try it out before blowing a wedge of cash on a new bike, besides the aggresor can easily be upgraded with better forks etc as you go if you decide you like it, of course you can take it a bit far (see the link to my Kraken in my sig).

    For info GT have ended their deal with Halfords and are available through normal bike shops, just like the Cube, and are still the same bike you have.
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  • @supersonic: I believe the model year was 09. Budgetwise I'm flexible as it'll be going on the credit card anyway. I can get a set of Rockshox Reba Team 2010 air sprung forks for £389 reduced from £569 but I really dont know where to start with manufacturer, model, air sprung or coil sprung, etc. To be honest the experience with the Suntours have made me a bit biased against coils and with work commitments I'm not in a position to go to a shop and try out a load of different ones, besides I'm not sure a flat industrial estate would even tax my Suntours that much.

    @The Beginner: I know the thread heading is "Sanity Check" but you're not supposed to take it literally... that's what the wife's for! You're supposed to talk me into buying the bike! Seriously though, my biggest concern is throwing a load of money at a bike that only cost £500 all in in the first place. I suppose if the frame is punching above it's weight, ie giving a £1200 bike a run for it's money then I guess upgrading could be a way forward but then I could end up spending the same money on that as I would be spending on a carbon frame with upgraded components. The wife's argument against the new bike is that I bought a Merida Scultura Comp 905 Di2 road bike last September and I've used it twice. In my defence though the weather in Wales has been rubbish. I'm from Scotland and it doesn't even rain this much! The other thing that's annoying me about the GT is a vibration coming from the front brake disc which I can't get rid of no matter how much I tighten and adjust things. I have to ride with slight pressure on the lever to stop it happening.

    Anyway thanks for the info guys you've both given me a lot to think about. If I do go down the upgrade route do you have any suggestions for forks?
  • Dawesy92Dawesy92 Posts: 606
    Just read your last comment about the break vibrating, ive had this on my old break, it sounds like your caliper is either not aligned correctly, or your disc could be warped?
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