Coast to Coast Ride Advice Needed

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So Ive convinced the mates to ride coast to coast. Planned the route (sort of). Sent for the sponsor forms and even started training on the spinner until the snow disappears enough to get out.
Now all the questions start to rise up:- 240 miles in three days with a climb up n over the penines is a long way for a bloke thats only ever done 40 milers. Can I do it? If I do it what sort of pace should I expect for a group of around 6 riders. Is it sensible to try to get the most miles in on the first day and how long would 100 miles in the saddle take to complete. Might just be nerves but if anyones done anything similar i'd appreciate your thoughts n experiences.


  • MattyDeez
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    I would do the first day short, then increase it.

    240 miles for a coast to coast. Which one?

    It's all easily do able, it just takes time and training and increasing your mileage, also listening to your body but also enough willpower to get out even if it's raining/snowing.

    100 miles for me, or 104 miles to be exact took around 6 hours 40 and was around 15.6mph this was on the Virgin Money Cyclone in June.

    All depends on the rider for the avg speed and current conditions! But, as a base point - aim for 10 hours. avg of 10mph.
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    agree with mattyDeez, aim for 10mph average, as you're doing it with mates, just enjoy the ride keep it sociable. There will be times on it when you're elated and times when you think what are we doing. First c2c i did we aimed to take 4 days (although a shorter route than yours) ended up taking 3 days. Next time we did it in 2 days and the time after that 1 day. First c2c is always the most exciting - good luck
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    Which coast to coast is it you're doing?

    I'm doing the Trans Pennine Trail in May over three days on a MTB. I've had a road bike now for about 6 months, i've gradually upped the miles (biggest to date 84m) but i know it's going to be completely different riding the MTB on a trail rather than road. I'm pretty confident i can do it (fitness wise) and just aim for an average speed of maybe about 12mph.
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    Im doing a 24 hour cylce in september and I plan to cover that distance in 24 Hours. You could just do the whole thing in a day.

    I would personally do it over two days 120 miles each.
  • We plan to start in Liverpool and finish in Withernsea via Warrington, Manchester , Sheffield Bradford and Hull. We work for a big company with lots of depots across the country and we wanted to hit the ones across the M62 corridor ish.
    Thought about doing it in 2 days but some of the riders have only just bought a bike so its maybe a step too far this year at least. The 1 rule writen in stone is that the group is as fast as the slowest rider so that we can have as much of a laugh as possible. All of your advice is very welcome. Spinner training in full flow and cant wait for the ice to piss off so I can get some road miles going.