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jezzasnrjezzasnr Posts: 225
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Following on form The LV Thread, I'm off to New York in November with MrsH & our daughter for her 18th.
So, whats good, what shouldn't be missed, what to eat & any other handy hints for NYC virgins. it's golden


  • VTechVTech Posts: 4,736
    You flying into JFK or Newark ?
    I was in NY in November and weather is colder but not much chance of snow.
    The shops will be stunning, the window booths are mesmerising and your daughter will love it I'm sure.
    Try and get a steak dinner at the strip on 12th, it's definitely on the to do list of NYC.
    Also, if bargains are your thang, get yourself down to one of the outlet stores, Levi's at $20 a pair can't be beat !!
    Getting a yellow can from the airport to the hotel always gives you butterflies :)

    Who you flying with ?
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  • davieseedaviesee Posts: 6,473
    Staten Island ferry at sunset. Free.
    See Manhattan & the Statue of Liberty lit by the setting sun.
    Get off on Staten Island and turn round. Nothing to see here.
    You may want to skip a ferry and return to Manhattan with all its lights on.
    So much more but that's one for starters.
    None of the above should be taken seriously, and certainly not personally.
  • vitesse169vitesse169 Posts: 420
    Me & Mrs V went in Nov a few years ago... Was cold - take hat/coat/gloves/scarf - only just above freezing. Loads to do, Empire state etc, battery park, liberty is/ellis is etc. I took her for a romantic horse & carriage ride into central park from the Grand Army Plaza... loads of brownie points for that one.
    A steak at Broadway Joe is good value, esp with the 20% off voucher from their website -
    The NYC tourist site is a good resourse as is the 'top 10' travel guide.
    Do some reasearch before you go to get to do the things you want to - not always the same as whats recommended.
    Also, we got the bus from JFK to grand central for our hotel rather than a cab - just as fast & saved a fortune. Enjoy...
  • been once on a uni field trip in feb/march a few years back. it was freezing, foot of snow. good city though, dont explore certain parts of central park by one of the lakes though. that could get awkard.

    apart form the obvious tourist things, ellis island, lady liberty (which i believe just reopened), empire state etc, which are all good. we did walking tours of the bronx, harlem, lower east side etc (as part of the field trip) which were interesting, although probably not what you want on your trip unless your interested in that kind of thing. i also made pilgramages to yankee stadium and the old shea stadium which has been replaced by citi field now, next door), and went to madison square garden to watch the knicks against the washington wizards, which for anyone with even a passing interest in bball is a must and for anyone not keen on bball but just in sport, i would recommend anyway for the experience alone (if you've never been to a US major league sport game).

    also the shops. obviously. oh and try to get breakfast/brunch in a proper deli.
  • davieseedaviesee Posts: 6,473
    ...oh and try to get breakfast/brunch in a proper deli.
    ^^^^ THIS ^^^^
    Hotels rarely include breakfast. Hotel breakfasts are very, very expensive. Nip round the corner... :P
    None of the above should be taken seriously, and certainly not personally.
  • VTechVTech Posts: 4,736
    daviesee wrote:
    ...oh and try to get breakfast/brunch in a proper deli.
    ^^^^ THIS ^^^^
    Hotels rarely include breakfast. Hotel breakfasts are very, very expensive. Nip round the corner... :P

    Sadly, this is the USA way of things. Ive not come across many that offer breakfast and those that do rarely cook them in house. I also like to visit diners (when in rome etc) and im a lover of Denny's myself.
    One thing is for certain, you will love it.
    Living MY dream.
  • AkirashoAkirasho Posts: 1,892
    ... avoid Newark!!!!! All else is good to go... :roll: :mrgreen:
  • socratessocrates Posts: 453
    Skip the horse and carriage ride. Horses are not treated well and there have been instances of them dying in the street.
  • ooermissusooermissus Posts: 811
    The High Line:

    Foot of snow in November last year though - so weather can be a bit unpredictable. Personally I prefer Newark as the immigration queues at JFK can be awful in the terminal BA and Virgin use, whereas Newark tends to be very quick.
  • canny_ladcanny_lad Posts: 329
    Top of the Rock during the day and Empire State at dusk. Grand Central Terminal is impressive and there's a food court below which is good.

    The USS Intrepid is ace if you're into that sort of thing (my missus went shopping when I went on it) and they're putting a space shuttle on it so it'll be even better :D

  • ooermissusooermissus Posts: 811
    Canny lad wrote:
    Grand Central Terminal is impressive and there's a food court below which is good.

    +1 - the Oyster Bar is great downstairs there if you like seafood. The less formal bit on the right as you go in isn't expensive either.
  • 964rh964rh Posts: 72
    Spent Xmas in NYC this year, our third time so we'd done most of the usual stuff but standout things to do for me were...

    Top of the Rock @ Rockerfella centre - great views, even better at night.

    Intrepid was brililant, worth queuing for the sub as well. Shuttle is on the deck just couldn't get near it due to the storms.

    Highline is a great way to see things you wouldn't normally - goes above the meat packing district up to about 30th street iirc.

    Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Empire State, Grand Central, Ghostbusters Fire House all great to see for real.

    Area's just for wandering - Upper West Side, Brooklyn, Central Park, Greenwich, SoHo.

    World Trade Centre site is a bit of a tourist trap now, we did the official tour thing a few years ago which was quite humbling, taken on a walk around by survivors who do it as part of their therapy. Now just loads of dodgy gits selling non official books.

    Time Sq is a must see, although usually really busy and full of touts selling stuff you don't want or need.

    Ice Skating in Central Park at night was brilliant and not that expensive

    You can hire some right ropey looking bike just off Central Park for a couple of quid if you fancy a ride round the park.

    Hope that helps
  • kemic68kemic68 Posts: 43
    Went to New York with some mates a few years ago,stayed with my cousin in The Bronx,just off Bainbridge Avenue or Brain Damage Avenue as we came to call it.Bainbridge was popular with the Irish and naturally had a lot of bars.One evening after a tour of the bars we called at a local pizza parlour,ordered our food and sat at a table to wait.Then in came a local all American couple,she had blonde hair in a pigtail,bit of a cheerleader type,him with slicked hair, denim shirt and jacket and to quote the local vernacular,bit of a two bit punk type.Anyway we were talking amonst ourselves minding our own business when for some reason the girl turns and verbally attacks us.She could not place our accents and assumed we were from Ireland."Shut up you guys make me sick coming round here drinking and making trouble,bet you guys don't even know your national anthem" "What" replied my pal," Who gives a censored about national anthems,bet you don't even know yours" "Yes I do" said the girl and then puts her hand on her heart and starts singing "For say can you see by the dawn's early light" My mate interrupts and says "Do you know what your national anthem should be." "What do you mean,I'm singing it,"said the girl. No,he came back, it should be this.Then he tilted his head back and started wailing while tapping his hand off his mouth like what you might see a Red Indian do while dancing round a campfire in the movies.That did not go down too well,the girl's boyfriend made a feeble attempt to take his jacket off while she was holding him back.His turn now "Hey don't you forget where you are goddamit,this is America,I'm an American.I drive a cadillac. "Is that a fact" said my cousin "Cadillacs belong in the junkyard, I drive a Toyata." That was enough for the pair of them, she dragged her boyfriend out the door with no pizza or anything.The pizza man was laughing that much I thought he was going to have a seizure.
  • FeltupFeltup Posts: 1,340
    Highline is great as is the Oyster Bar in Grand Central Station. Top of the Rock has better views than Empire State because you get to see the Empire State!

    There is a great bike shop in SOHO :D
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  • RDWRDW Posts: 1,900
    Feltup wrote:
    Top of the Rock has better views than Empire State because you get to see the Empire State!

    Also loads of space to wander around at the top and a great view of Central Park. Worth going up in the late afternoon to see the lights come on all over the city, or getting the pass that lets you go up twice at different times to catch the day and night views.

    See at least one of the major museums or galleries - the Met and MoMA are both fantastic.

    The Brooklyn Bridge has an elevated wooden level above the traffic for walkers and cyclists - well worth it on a nice day.

    You'll probably be at Grand Central Terminal at some point (which is a destination in itself - nice shops, food and great architecture). While you're there, cross the street to check out the beautiful Deco lobby of the Chrysler Building.
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