Bike rack rental

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Hi - Anyone know of anywhere I can hire a bike rack to take one bike for upcoming hols in UK. I either need somewhere that rents these where I can pick it up in the North East of England (near Darlington or Middlesbrough) or somewhere that will rent me one and deliver to me near Darlington. Not having any joy finding either online.

PS- Just can't justify buying one as goodness knows if/when I would ever use it again!


  • smidsy
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    Just hire a bike at the holiday location then.
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  • Heading up to the far North West of Scotland to a friends holiday cottage so nowhere near to do that. Only place anywhere near is Square Wheels in Strathpeffer but they only hire MTBs and I really want a road bike.
  • smidsy
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    There is probably a reason they only hire moutain bikes. ;-)
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  • s800byj
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    It may be worth looking in your local free ads or paper for a second hand one or going to Argos and buying a cheap one for your holiday.
    Might be cheaper than renting.
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    As above - buy one off ebay or so on, and then sell it on again afterwards (or keep it). I bought a Saris Bones for £50 off a guy local to me via ebay. I've kept it for over 2 years so far.