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Pinarello FTP unocarbon veloce v ribble r872 d12 ?

Toe kneeToe knee Posts: 525
edited March 2013 in Road beginners
Which one ?


  • How the hell are we supposed to know???

    You're not going to get any help unless you let people know what you want in a bike and what sort of riding you do.
  • MattyyPMattyyP Posts: 142
    If you're spending that much money on a bike, i'd make the decision yourself, that's a lot of money to waste if we all tell you to go for the Ribble and then you find you can't get on with it... Test ride them, and decide for yourself, it's not like you're spending £300 on a bike here! Buy the one you fall in love with! :lol:
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  • pride4everpride4ever Posts: 510
    Pinarello everytime though Ribble are crazy value bikes.
    the deeper the section the deeper the pleasure.
  • NITR8sNITR8s Posts: 688
    careful with Pinarello, if your after a sportive/sunday ride bike I would go with the Ribble as the Pinarello is not really made for wet weather rides etc.
  • BookwyseBookwyse Posts: 245
    Ribble, everytime but then I am biased.
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