Back pain -help required

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I am relativley new to cycling , i have progressed from a Giant Roam to a Giant TCX 2 cyclocross bike.
My hgt is 5 10 1/2 ,the Roam is a med and was advised to go to a small by my LBS for the TCX.
I have not used a race type bike for 25yrs and only then when i borrowed one so I have no real idea of fit , went on LBS advise and to some extent price .
My issue is back pain , I have sufferd disc trouble for years and while using mountain bikes and hybrid the pain has been manageble ,now moved to drops and after an hour I am in a lot of pain.
It seems to be after riding stiff climbs where I seem to stress the low back the pain comes on.
I am using a 11-30 cassette and drop down to the lowest gear when climbing ,try not to grip the hbars to much etc.
The clue to me seems to be the posture on the hybrid against the posture on the TCX , I am thinking about buying a more road type bike for the summer and possibly entering a sportive , but I am worried that paying a grand or so is going to be a waste of money if this back issue keeps rearing is ugly head.
I am aware that some people may recomend a bike fit but i would like to explore a few different options myself before going down that route.
I look forward to hearing from you and appreciate you taking the time to reply.


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    Ah I just wrote a long answer and the site bailed on me.

    Lower back pain is probably something every new roadie goes through unless they happen to have a strong core/lower back.

    Rather like getting used to the sting in your legs so they become stronger, it's the same with your lower back. To get into the position you want on a road bike you use your lower back a lot.

    Eventually, your lower back will get strong enough that it won't hurt anymore.

    It takes your body time to adjust and strengthen in the right places to get comfy in what is a reasonably unatural position.
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    ^^ of course, that's if it's not sharper more serious lower back pain that might be related to your prior back problems, but you should be in a better position to know about that.

    FWIW I still get lower back pain when I do Richmond park 3 lap challlenges but not the rest of the time. Some people have suggested I slide my saddle fractionally forward, but since I don't get it the rest of the time I just deal with being uncomfortable for those 3 laps. After all, an hour long big effort is going to hurt whatever anyway.
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    many thanks for the reply.
    I think my plan will have to be to persevere with the TCX and see if things improve.
    YouI hear of people who adjust this or that or buy a new saddle and bingo miracle cure but I do not think it is that simple.
    I have been laid up very badly from running ( and a whole lot else ) from prolapsed disc problems .
    After giving up competative fell/off road running due to a whole host of injury problems ,I thought that the non impact nature of cycling would help me keep me training and motivated to compete , but this back problem has reared it head again.
    The shame of it is i did not think I would take to cycling like I have .
    I do not want to go back to the hybrid type bike , the drops have given me such a buzz .
    thanks again