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Anyone know whether a BC licence is valid in Ireland?

liamcorriganliamcorrigan Posts: 49
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Slightly half-baked idea at this stage but I'm considering arranging a holiday to Ireland in the summer to coincide with a local race I have fond memories of watching as a kid while staying with family. That's how I've sold it to the wife anyway...!

Obviously this raises the question about my eligibility to race under another country's cycling body. I've had a quick search online but info seems to be fairly limited so I thought I'd post a question here. Will obviously contact the organiser too once plans are firmer.

I understand that as a BC Gold member my public liabilty insurance is valid for events organised by other UCI affiliated bodies (of which Cycling Ireland appears to be one) but is this sufficient to enter a race? Could I represent my BC affiliated team or would I have to enter as an unattached rider? And how would I be assigned a category? Still in the 4ths here at present as its my first season but fingers crossed by August I'll have scraped the remaining six points I need to move into the 3rds. Presumably this wouldn't translate so I'd just enter as whatever the 4th cat equivalent is over there?

If a BC licence isn't valid, does anyone know whether CI offer day licences in the same way BC do?

Grateful for any wisdom/experience anyone can share!




  • Tom ButcherTom Butcher Posts: 3,830
    I would imagine it is - I know BC say a German licence is OK to race in the UK so as long as it's a race under UCI rules should be OK - I'd phone BC first and then the organiser to let them know you are entering and that your licence does cover you.

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  • lc1981lc1981 Posts: 820
    This page on the British Cycling website might help you.
  • Thanks both. Did look at that page on BC website but only skimmed and managed to completely miss the bit about a letter of authority!

    Guess I just need to clarify requirements from Cycling Ireland's point of view.
  • Liam
    we have had visitors from Liverpool for our 2day/3stage A,1A2,A3 race in August for a number of years.
  • Great, thanks Joyce. Are A1, A2 and A3 equivalent to 1st, 2nd and 3rd cats in GB?
  • I've raced there for the last 5 years on my BC licence. They normally automatically put you down as A1 if you're a foreign rider, which is no problem for me but you might want to contact the organiser of whichever race you're considering.
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