Frayed Cable in Tiagra Shifter

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Hello all,

I recently got home from a ride having problems shifting the cassette, looked at the RH shifter and the cable has frayed through the right end of the shifter. I cannot pull the wires out for love nor money, and having taken the entire shifter off the bars hasn't helped.

So I think I'm looking at a new shifter, however I cannot find a 9 speed Tiagra double set or RH only anywhere, my search return's discontinued on wiggle/chain reaction/Rutland, however triples and 10 speed seem to be around still.

Good excuse to upgrade the group set to 105 but I can't afford the shifter this month let alone a group set!

What would be a good alternative?


  • ugo.santalucia
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    The fact that YOU cannot get the cable out, doesn't mean the cable cannot be removed. Go to a decent LBS and they will get it out for you.
    If you want an excuse to upgrade, fair enough, but then it is not a "workshop" issue, but a "buying advice" one
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    Had this on my 9 speed Ultegra.

    The shifter is strippable, but can be very fiddly. I wimped out and got the lbs to do it.

    The young lady that fixed it said she had a lovely 1hr in front of the telly with it :-)
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  • Thanks, lbs it is then, hopefully retrievable!!
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    Same problem here, LBS wasn't interested so tried stripping it myself, waste of time.. bought ultegra 10 speed and sold the left hand shifter on here. You have nothing to lose anyway, except time.
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    I bought a pair of 2nd hand STI's on eBay a few years ago and found when I got them that the previous owner had presumably removed them from the bike by simply snipping-off the cables flush, and then had worked the levers up and down a few times.

    This meant that there was an inch or so of cable inside the shifter, which came out of the lefthand one fine but in the righthand one the cable was all frayed and with the strands separating, so it would only rotate 3 or 4 clicks.

    Before sending them back to the seller I decided I'd have a go at getting it out, spent perhaps an hour poking around inside with two watchmakers screwdrivers, needle nose pliers and lots of WD40, finally managed to get the cable into it's slot so it would rotate and come out.

    Then sent snotty email to seller...

    I did see on another forum where the guy had drilled a hole on the outside of the shifter, so he could see the 'plumb' on the end of the cable from the other side and pull it out...