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Homebrew recovery drink

peasepease Posts: 150
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Anybody else an avid fine ale fan but on a budget which results in turni g to home brew ? Just finished the last couple of pints of brew #4 which was a simply Yorkshire bitter 40pint kit. Still using wort kits at the mo due to space and time constraints.

Previous brews were :

Woodford wherry - didn't like this much bit it didnt fukly finish second stage so maybe do another brew one day.
Muntons gold ipa - brewed to the officers reserve 6% and some with added malt. This was for swmbo who is dow to the last ten pints now very dark but nice to drink
Brewferm Abdij - seeing as I love trappist beer this went down well although quite a kick at 8%+ didn't last the full six months to really age and develop the flavour, definitely do this again.

At less then 50p on the pint its a great way of saving money keeping swmbo happy and having a reason to enjoy few beers.
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  • VTechVTech Posts: 4,736
    I was given a kit for my birthday off the wife and loved it although mine is for wine.
    Ive had 3 batches so far and the end results are superb. I have a friend making ales and he has a real quick turnaround of about 4 weeks i think and loves it.
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  • ballysmateballysmate Posts: 13,878
    Over twenty years ago I got bitten by the home brew bug. I had three pressure barrels in the garage, all with brew at different stages, so that I always had something ready to drink.
    There are some fine beers to be made by just using kits and a bag of sugar. Or you can do what I did and start adding extra sugar. When someone gave me an hydrometer I was shocked to see what strength brew I was actually drinking. :o
    Invest in pressure barrels with the valve to add more pressure to get a nice foaming head, rather than piss about with bottles and trying to avoid sediment.
    I landed up giving my kit away because I found that I was drinking it for the sake of it though.
  • I used to brew quite a bit from kits, but sort of gave up. I used to bottle mine and Mrs BBGeek got a bit fed up with me enlisting her to siphon, not to mention the empties everywhere.

    The Woodfordes kits are quite good but the Wherry is a little underpowered. The Norfolk Nog is good, as is the Nelson's. They are nice, consistent beers. Brewferm Belgian kits are good, but I used to have a bit of a weakness for the Cooper's kits - just add sugar and you're away!
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