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I know this is the Netherlands,BUT

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I know i live in the Netherlands and the law is different over here than in the UK but i just feel that i have to get this off my chest. Yesterday a 67 year old man appeared in court here, he caused an accident seriously injuring a 17 year old cyclist in December 2010. Apparently the cyclist was on a cycle path seperated from the motor vehicle lane only by paint markings. The car driver did not see the cyclist and crashed into the back of him. The driver of the car briefly stopped as did a number of other people at the time. One of the witnesses phoned an ambulance and police but the driver of the car said he was late for a billiards game and could not wait. He then stepped in his car and drove off not leaving any details.
Luckily one of the passers by noted the registration number of the mans vehicle and he was arrested later that day. Yesterday this thoughtless uncaring excuse for a human being was sentenced to only 40 hours of unpaid work and fined €500. This makes me so bloody mad. Apparently the man has never contacted the cyclist or asked police at any time how the victim was or offered any apologies. What a fukin censored .
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