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Wilier Izoard XP Veloce £1350 or Wilier Montegrappa Sora 9sp

georgerackleygeorgerackley Posts: 7
edited March 2013 in Road buying advice
Hi I need some help, I newish to the road cycling scene & need to upgrade my carrera tdf. I have a couple of choices from Wilier Montegrappa Sora 9spd at £775 or Wilier Izoard XP Veloce £1350. There is obviously a large price difference but is the additional cost worth it? Any advice and help is much appreciated!


  • CalpolCalpol Posts: 1,039
    Night and day difference between the two. Izoard with veloce is lovely. Thats what I have and its more bike than I need at present. Not the lightest carbon bike but plenty good enough. The only reservation I have recommending it is that I don't want them becoming too common!! Montegrappa isnt worth the money. I'd buy something else if you budget is only £800.
  • alanparsonsalanparsons Posts: 529
    I have a Montegrappa Sora and I love it.
    As a first proper road bike it is perfect. If I had the money I am sure I would buy further up the range.
    £600 is a big jump in budget so I'm sure the Izoard would be more up-grade proof.
    I am enjoying my Monte and up-grading bits to make it more personal: seat,stem,post and wheels.
    When funds allow I will be purchasing a GranTurismo and the Monte will be my 2nd bike.
  • ilm_zero7ilm_zero7 Posts: 2,213
    worth the difference - the frame is better, and the groupset infinatly better on the Izoard
    Wiliers: Cento Uno/Superleggera R and Zero 7. Bianchi Infinito CV and Oltre XR2
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