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Neil Pryde Alize vs Kuota Kuraro

HarbingerSLHarbingerSL Posts: 3
edited August 2013 in Road buying advice
Hi guys, I'm looking for a new carbon road bike that can handle lots of power, performs well in twisty descents, and accelerates like a Scott Foil. My budget is £2,500, and the two I've seen that I really like are the Neil Pryde Alize and the Kuota Kuraro.

I haven't been able to find a whole lot of information on either from independent reviewers, but from what I gather, they are both very quick and stiff bikes but the ride on the Alize is a bit more comfortable.

So I was wondering if anyone here has any experience of either, and could shed a bit more light.



  • canny_ladcanny_lad Posts: 329
    Epic cycles in Ludlow stock both these brands and do test rides :D It's not exactly on your doorstep but is an option.

    2 cracking looking bikes BTW
  • Thanks Canny Lad, I spoke to them this morning and they were really quite helpful. But you're right, I think I'll have to do a test ride before making a decision.
  • I test rode both at Epic Cycles, after a full fitting, lioke both bikes but went for the Kuraro (black/grey) as it felt faster and I felt the steering was slightly faster, also came with sram Force as standard. My old bike was a Kharma with Shimano 105. Am very happy with the new bike (though the BB did sqeak like mad for a bit and needed to go back to Epic for a re-grease).
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