Cheshire Cat postponed until 7th July!

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Just received an email from kilotogo and the Cheshire Cat has been postponed until 7th july due to bad weather!
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  • gutted i've spent the last few months training hard for this which would have been my first sportive. oh well
  • Me too. All those miserable weather dark evening rides seem a bit wasted now. Need to find something else to done in the next few weeks...

    It was the right decision though looking at the forecast, but I can't believe they're rearranged it for the 7th July as that clashes with Liverpool-Chester-Liverpool which also goes around Delamere forest area. Got to decide which one to do now :-(
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    There's always the bike radar spring fling on 1st April...
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    july, hmmm, well it might've stopped snowing by then, still be raining and blowing a gale though
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    Look on the bright side - they'll use the time wisely to get the roads resurfaced........... :lol:
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  • At least the tax on petrol aint gone up so just drive everywhere til the climate changes.
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    I'm down to ride the Kendal sportive on Sunday as well but temps of -2 feeling like -12 and heavy snow forecast from today until sat there is no chance this event is going to be running.... If it was on main roads that are gritted then I'd be more optimistic but over the back lanes and Yorkshire dales there is no chance......

    Still waiting for the email saying its cancelled postponed though. :roll:

    Roll on 7th April now for the Ronde van Calderdale.
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    Anyone know about refunds for those of us lucky to be on our holidays on 7 July? The phone line is run by one bloke who doesn't answer it, and email isn't his preferred method of communication either by the looks of things.
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    Crispyapp wrote:
    Still waiting for the email saying its cancelled postponed though.
    We have made the decision to call off the sportive on Sunday due to poor weather. We are postponing the event until the 5th of May.@mytriclub