UKBP Sunday 24th...

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A few of us are heading down to UKBP sunday, any one else going to be there?


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    welshkev Posts: 9,690
    well i rode UKBP yesterday. it was great fun to be fair. i loved the red route, like a bigger swoopier version of the final descent on the twrch trail at cwmcarn. the black trails were good, but soooo slippery in the wet. the uplift is brutal, i can see why it reccomends you keep your helmet on now :lol: oh, and take your own food unless you like eating kit kats and dorritos for lunch :lol:

    a few comments though, where the hell are the directions and signs on how to get there? took us ages to find and when we did my mates car nearly flooded as the puddles on the track leading to the park were above the wheels of his car!!!!

    all in all though a good day was had, i think i'll be returning when the trails are dry so we can ride them properly :D