Decathlon bikes for 4 yr old

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I'm getting my (soon to be) 4 year old boy a new bike for his birthday in May.

He currently has a 12" wheel Apollo bike from Halfords, its not the best, and I'd like to find something more suitable for kids, rather than another Halfords / Toys r Us heavy lump. The tricky thing is that the Halfords and Toys r Us ones are all more appealing to kids, spiderman, ben 10 etc.

Ive looked at these from decathlon. I have a decathlon bike myself so I know they are good quality, but I'd like some opinions on these kids bikes really. For similar money I could get a 2nd hand Islabike off ebay. ... 21070.html



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    I am not a fan of what Halfords (not to mention toy shops (the clue is in the name :shock: )) do to cycling in this country. I would love them to be great for it, and always give them credit where credits due, but they are not.

    I think their biggest 'crime' may be heavy kids bikes with Ben 10 etc. on. Sure kids like it, but they would like an ice cream in the bottle holder and a saddlebag full of Smarties every time they went for a ride.
    Its a big con. Kids are not expecting a TV character on their bike, they know no different, but show it to them and they will pick it over a decent bike..........because they know no different!

    The more people who buy them, the more they will make and kids will be riding heavy, poor quality bikes.
    Do that with decent bikes and the more people who buy them, the more manufacturers will make them, their prices will fall and everyone enjoys cycling a whole lot more :wink:

    Get him a decent quality lightweight bike (just like you would want for yourself) and a Spiderman outfit to ride around on it in if he loves Spiderman :wink: Spiderman does not have Spiderman stickers on all over his bikes and cars does he?
  • Yeah totally agree with you!

    So what do you think of the Decathlon kids ones?
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    Have never seen those unfortunately.
    I want to go check out Decathlon but not sure when I will be able to.
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    personally, I would go with Islabikes every time. THe quality is amazing, the support is excellent, and despite the (eye wateringly) high sale price, the resale price is incredible. I think I've lost about £70 across 3 bikes.

    Give them a call and talk to them - you will see what I mean.
    Insert bike here:
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    Danlightbulb..... Pm sent