A visit from the fairy....

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After my last visit from the p******* fairy, where I was stranded with sub standard tyre levers, tyres I couldn't actually get off & a pump that was as much use as an asthmatic mouse, I decided to kit myself out with decent gear. A quick trip to Wiggle then.
I got myself some Ultra Gatorskins, Park Tools tyre levers & patches, a Topeak micro rocket AL pump & a Topeak Aero wedge saddle bag.

On tonights ride, about 5 miles from home, the fairy called again. I am happy to report that everything performed with aplomb (apart from the mechanic!) and I was on my way within 15 mins. The majority of the time was spent trying to get the damn tyre off in the first place, and then get the bugger back on!

I would definitely recommend the levers, patches & pump. Made it as easy as could be to an absolute novice like me to fix the tube at the side of the road & be on my way again. The tyres? I will give them the benefit of the doubt, it is extra flinty where I ride & the rims on my bike may be larger than most. They are pretty cut up though!

Happy trails!
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    Yeah I hate the getting off and getting back on part, the rest is easy!

    15mins is pretty good going!
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    changing tyres is a pain in the winter as the rubber refuses to stretch due to the coldness. Numb fingers dont help either lol