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Hi all!

First off, a TL;DNR:
SRAM RD won't upshift properly after a ride in the rain; I wonder if it's worth replacing the cabling.

Full story:

I am running a SRAM group and have encountered a problem - have done a forum search and couldn't find anyone with exactly the same problem so figured I'd ask directly.

The problems started after getting caught in a nasty downpour.

My problem is that my RD won't upshift properly. Shifting into a lower gear is no problem, but when hitting the levers for a higher gear doesn't give me a shift, or a very, very sluggish shift, whereby the chain moves across from one cog to the other so slowly I can hear it run smooth, then clatter on the original gear, then shift up and clatter on the new gear, then (finally) run smooth there. Shifting into highest gear is basically impossible, but the problem is the same all the way through the cassette.

I've tried a couple of things: (unsucessfully)
Check the H/L limits and the indexing - doesn't seem to make any difference.
Check RD cage alignment - looks straight to me but don't have the proper tools - but there haven't been any crashes or other bangs.
re-lube the cables
Spray some lube on the swivels of the RD

For what it's worth, I have had two ideas:
1) The rear derailleur has started to seize in some way - maybe the spring is worn, maybe the swivels are knackered. Seems unlikely since it started suddenly?
2) The cables are worn/gunked up. I don't mind replacing the inners and outers and I think this is the most likely cause but am reluctant to rip off bar tape unless it's a cable issue.

Thanks all!


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    Ehh I doubt this will happen but if you've come here because you have similar problem, it was indeed the cabling. I replaced it (inner and outer) and now it shifts fine.