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I am considering building my own for my next bike. I want (another) road bike but I need to know about frames before I purchase one. I was thinking of a more relaxed geometry (being nearly 60) and the ability to fit mudguards. What would comprise relaxed geometry and how do I know if the frame would have sufficient clearance for mudguards?


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    Depending on budget, many bikes that are not aimed at racers will have mudguard eyelets for attaching them. If not, something like Race Blades are easy installs for tight clearances. As for recommendations it would probably be good to know a budget?
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    Just want to buy the frame first and then build the bike up.
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    Yeah, but how much do you want to spend?
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    Have a look at some of the audax frames available from various companies. Cheap off the peg frames such as Ribble have brazeons for mudguards, and sometimes panniers. If you got more to spend there's plenty of builders who'll make exactly what you want. Think about what size tyres you want to use too.
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    If you want proper mudguards then just look for mudguard eyelets on the frame and frame sets that require mid to long drop brake calipers. Small guards like the race blades will fit on almost any bike. As for a relaxed ride you have 'Sportive' orientated bikes, these are similar construction to race bikes but a bit shorter in the reach, higher at the front end, longer wheelbase and a softer ride. Most brands now offer such a bike/frame ie Roubaix, Defy, Domane, ect. The other type of bike that will guarantee mudguard clearance is an audax/light tourer frame. Generally high quality steel or ti and often available in custom geometry ie Rourke audax, sjs ect.. The Audax style will probably be heavier but offer a comfier ride whereas a sportive style bike will be a bit more responsive.