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Whistler - Best (affordable) time to visit Posts: 22
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July and August and the first week or so of September seem to be excessive in terms of flight costs. Plus the crowds of CrankWorx puts me off a bit. So am looking to spend two weeks out there either at the start of the season 1st June or the middle to last two weeks of September.

Both of these dates are uncomfortably close to the mid-season and don't want to go out there just to get wet. I'm leaning towards June.

Any experienced Whistlerites have an opinion on which will offer the best weather/trail conditions etc, or should I just swallow an extra £200 and go closer to the middle of the summer?

I've been before 5 years ago and stayed until the end of September (8 week stay) and felt it got a bit cold, damp and limited (upper lifts closed as the weather started to drive in).

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