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Hi can anyone recommend a decent cycling club for cheshire area. I am in warrington and never been part of a club before but I am interested in joining one. Also I don't know what the rules are for joining or how to go about it as it's something I have never done.

I have been riding for 5 years so I do have a decent understanding of some etiquette but as part of a club I am not fully aware of what they expect from a rider.

Is there a site I can go on to read up on clubs and joining, I have searched online but don't seem to find anything to useful.



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    I don't know anything about them but Seamons is a big club which I see around east Cheshire a fair bit
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    I recently joined North Cheshire Clarion.
    I'm not really a "club" type but so far everyones been very friendly and non elitist.
    They do short and fairly easy Saturday skills rides as an intro to the club and group riding. Used to be just a case of turning up but I think they prefer you contact the club thru web site ( they seen to respond very quickly)

    I can't fault the club and as above I'm not really a "club" type.
    Ride from the Swan in Winwick and from Stretton.
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    Warrington has Warrington Road Club and North Cheshire Clarion.

    Warrington RC are more of a competition club, North Cheshire Clarion would be easier for a newbie.

    Seamons are in Altrincham, Leigh Premier are in Leigh, Weaver Valley in Northwich and there's VC Halton I think in Runcorn or Widnes.
  • i went out for a trial run with seamons cc last weekend and they seem a good bunch and theres plenty of riders with different skill levels. i'm probably going to go with them again because living in Salford there doesn't seem to be any clubs less than 7-10 miles from me which is annoying
  • thanks everyone for your advice, would have gotten back sooner but been to pick up my new bike today. Was going to get a courier but drove down and picked it up so just doing final checks before a quick test run tomorrow.