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What's the best way to do it. Computer or heart rate monitor?

I have neither a computer or heart rate monitor at the minute so will be looking to buy which ever comes more recommended. I've read it's not really worth recording the distance etc that you'd have covered on a turbo session so that obviously points towards getting a HRM.

Can anyone back this up or offer some info please?
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  • danlikesbikes
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    All about the cost/data.

    You could & there is nothing wrong with using a HRM to sett your training zones. Has been used for a long time & is still an effective way to train.

    You can get a cheap watch/HRM strap that will do that for you, but it might not record the info just give you a live feed of your current HTM. Then you could take it up to an all singing HRM that does record and allow you to review your HRM afterwards, but your paying more. You could buy cheaper wired biked computer that just records speed, distance, HRM but might not let you down load it. Lastly you have the more expensive computer that does it all and allows you to download the data.

    Plus I guess it depends on what type of turbo sessions you are doing or planning to do as some like intervals might not be so important other than knowing HRM if using perceived effort for your all out sprint. Others such as 5Km, 10Km TT type efforts I would say that either time/speed or distance would be quite important.

    If you want a good resource for TT sessions I use ... nav=search & as you can see people use HRM, gear selection, time, speed, distance & power. Though you can pick an choose which to use as your basis.
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    I record gym sessions using a HRM and Strava (on my phone) and save as 'stationary trainer'

    Although it records the total time spent riding, it doesn't detect if you stop for any reason and it always says you have an average heart rate of 0.
  • Thanks! I'll take a look at the link when I get a chance to get on the laptop.

    I think an all singing computer is out of the question, can't really justify the £££ for the amount of use it'll get and my level yet.
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  • danlikesbikes
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    Can be quite costly TBH and it can also be a question of "for a few £££'s more I could get this too" so where do you stop.

    If you look on the internet or buy a book there are quite a few good ones about training with HRM alone & you can easily measure by time rather than distance covered. I know quite a few people who do just that & have seen some good progressive gains over the last year or two.

    Good luck with your training.
    Pain hurts much less if its topped off with beating your mates to top of a climb.
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    I wouldnt be on a turbo long enough to record anything. The only purpose a turbo should have imho is for short brutal sprint interval training.
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