Giant RideSense ANT Sensor should it flash?

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Took the summer bike out for the first ride of the year the other day (big mistake was caught in hail and snow) and my cadence sensor isnt working, all was working last year.

I'm using a Bryton 35 with Giant RideSense, replaced the battery on the RideSense, still not working. The Bryton is working with my HRM, so thinking it's the RideSense unit. Should the RideSense flash (red & green) with every pedal/wheel revolution. At the moment it only flashes for about the first 10 revolutions then no point does any reading show on the Bryton. I've tried rescanning for the RideSense always says inactive. Go back to the home screen and back to the scan function, a unit ID is now present, think this is the previous code when it was working last summer. Would it change?

Any ideas how I can get this working?


  • The red & green leds only flash for approx the first 10 pedal revoutions/wheel revolutions - this is to show you that the ride sense is working. The leds will not flash again until the unit shuts down & restarts.
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    Take the battery out of the sensor unit and wait 30 seconds then re-install, that worked for me. As sporttourer said, the led's only flash at the start.
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    Thanks guys, this is exactly the way my RideSense is flashing.....starting to think its the Bryton.

    c40nl12 - I tried removing the battery and waiting still no joy. I see your in Glasgow, you going for ride today or heeding the weather forecast of snow?