Canyon stock saddle - Selle Italia Race

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So I've given up on the stock saddle for my new Canyon road bike after about 200 mi, I always thought I'd need something wider so I've ordered a prologo scratch pro ti 143 one.

I'm thinking I might sell the selle italia on if anybody wants it, but cant find it in the official range, so guessing its one made specially for Canyon.

Does anybody have any idea what saddle its based on & if it is likely to have any resale value? If not I may just pass it to someone who can use it otherwise it will just be gathering dust if I keep it.

Thanks v much.


  • zakstory
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    Just replaced my Selle Italia Race on my Canyon with a Prologo Nack. All I know is the Race is pretty heavy at like 270g or something, so to be honest I don't think you would get too much for it. Saying that though, you never know what some sods will pay for things on eBay..
  • jameses
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    I think it's an SLS. Seems to be about right in terms of weight. As for resale, whatever someone is prepared to pay for it!
  • jameses
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    Might depend on the which bike you've taken it from as well - mine weighs in at 220g, so they may well be using different model saddles across the range.
  • muzzan
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    Yep mine is 220 as well, actually lighter than the replacement I've ordered, but much more concerned with comfort than weight!
  • stueys
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    I just swapped mine out as well. Found it ok for another upto 3 or 4 hours but going past that and it wasn't a comfy place to be. Got an slr carbonio which is less than half the weight and much more comfortable place to perch.