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Hi. Just purchased my first set of bib shorts from Wiggle which arrived this morning. They are the Gore Xenon 2.0 Bib Shorts and I got size XL.

The shorts themselves appear to be a good fit and the straps just about right, slightly tight in a stood position yet still offering some resistance when I go into a crouched stance. My only concern is that the ends of the shorts are not quite as tight as they could be therefore leaving a slight opening for air to get up there (could be quite pleasant on a hot summer's day :D ). Should this be concern enough to consider returning or do I just accept that everything else feels comfortable and run with it? I feel that if I went down to a L size then the straps might be too tight in a stood position as I am fairly long in the body.

These weren't cheap shorts, and not having worn bib shorts before would like to get your opinion on how these should fit before removing tags?


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    The legs shouldn't be loose. How thin are you legs? It is worth trying the smaller size. Remember they are cycling shorts so it it is comfort in a cycle position and not standing which is important. It may be Gore just doesn't fit your body shape.
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    You need to build up those legs. I've never seen them loose on anyone! Try a different make...
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