At what age can you get your kids racing?

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I noticed at my race last Saturday that the kids racing has an under 8's category, so I guess that covers every age below 8 yrs. But at what age can they have their first try? Is there are lower limit? My eldest girl is only 3 so we’ve got a way to go. But maybe I should be thinking about a junior turbo set up? :)


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    You could also look at some of the British Cycling Go Ride events - which might be of use?
    Pain hurts much less if its topped off with beating your mates to top of a climb.
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    Realistically? age 5-6 before they can potentially keep up at U8 level - there's a massive difference in capability between someone aged 4 and someone aged 7. Having said that, I've seen some proper tiny ones in the U8 category, but I'm never really convinced that they know what's going on...
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    Imposter wrote:
    but I'm never really convinced that they know what's going on...
    I know a few 2nd Cats who that could apply to :D:D:D
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    I couldn't possibly comment.. ;)
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    My 6yr old boy has just finished his first race today at Darley Moor. He took part in the u8's and finished (a very credible) 4th of 6 riders. I think that those that finished above him were closer to 8 and the 2 behind were a similar age. I don't know about other venues but this one seemed to be huge but fortunately he wasn't fazed by it. More important was that the conditions were relatively benign. He has thoroughly enjoyed the experience and is looking forward to next week and his 2nd race.

    He has also tried the go-racing scene which he enjoyed too. All I can say is try it and see when the time is ready

    Thanks to Ashfield RC for organising
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    my boy started at 4 years old. at first he was coming last most races but after a while he started beating 1 or 2 riders. now 6 years old he has so much enthusiasm for racing and gets a real high from a good result!
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    The under 8s races don't generally look like a bunch race, just a group of kids riding around having fun (although that's not saying they aren't trying to win!). I'm not aware of a lower age limit.
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    my son races u16.
    Most top riders start quite young, probably racing by the time they are 12.
    It is my impression that to become a pro you should be getting top results at junior level (u18).
    It will take 5-6 years to become an optimised athlete so that kind of adds up.
    I have seen a lot of kids cycling - and achieving - "results" at 8-12 years old but I think that mentally it is hard for them to keep winning and improving, especially when they see new cyclists appearing and becoming better than they are.
    My son played a lot of tennis and football, and tried many other sports like climbing , badminton and gymnastics.
    He was the one who chose to become a cyclist and he is much stronger because it is he who is pushing, not me.