Two Sets Of Wheels, What To Do About Cassettes

Mark Elvin
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OK guys, I've got some new wheels to use when not commuting on the Synapse. My question is do you guys change the cassette over or have an extra one on the second set of Wheels?
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  • I would say buy a second casette, it doesn't take long to change one over from wheels, but could save some decent amount of work for a small price.
  • slowbike
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    I plan to do exactly that - well, not exactly - just some slicks on one set of wheels and CX on the other - I have 2 cassettes already and will put one on each.

    It's not hard to change them over, but a PITA if you're constantly swapping between wheels.
  • 2nd cassette (in my case exactly the same)

    Spacers worked perfectly, so just a direct swap in a minute or so.
    All the gear, but no idea...
  • ilm_zero7
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    surely if you have two sets of wheels they will be for different purposes - ie aero- deep rim, and shallow climbers - wont that dictate you fit different cassettes anyway?
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  • ShutUpLegs
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    Especially if you are running compact and double chainsets.
  • Bookwyse
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    I run a couple of set of rims between two bikes one with a double and the other a compact chainset.

    I have a set of 50mm Carbons with an 11-23, set of AL30's with a 11-25 and then a set of Rodri 4's with a 12-30.

    The above combinations means that I can tackle almost anything that is thrown at me or the bikes. All of Ultegra so it means that they can be interchanged and by using quick links chains these can be changed quickly. A little more time and thought put into the rides ahead means that the chainset and cassettes can be swapped to suit the ride ahead.