Stiff sealed bearings

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I have just had the sealed bearings replaced in my Renn disc wheel. When I picked up the wheel I did comment on the stiffness but was told this was due to the wheel being cold as it had been in the outside store. However, after being in the warm its just as stiff. I've only my Pro lite Brachianos to compare with (other wheels have been cup and cone) but the sealed bearings on those have been really free from new. Any ideas on how to loosen them. Thanks


  • ride them! easy as that.
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    good bearings have more resistance, they pack more grease and have better seals, if you buy SKF bearings they are a lot harder to turn than the EZO your Pro Lite is fitted with.. in the long run teh Prolite will die young, while yuor hopefully better ones will still go.
    If you want no resistance, remove seals and and grease... they will fly... for 20 miles or so
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    Thanks for the info. Hope the stiffness won't slow me least i'll have a excuse :wink:
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    New bearings are generally stiffer due to being packed with grease. You can replace with a lightweight grease or oil for less resistance but you will then need to service more regularly. Although usually the excessive grease will get pushed out after a few miles.

    Worth checking to make sure bearing is pressed in straight or that the rubber shields are seated properly as this will cause bearing to wear excessively fast and potentially damage wheel.