Boardman TK/20

scott-s30 Posts: 45
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I'm hoping to get one of these and use it in the Newport Velodrome.
It gets decent reviews from what I've seen so far.
Any opinions on this to help me decide for sure?
Gotta get my name on the Velodrome training sessions waiting list now... :D


  • Pross
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    Might be worth using the hire bikes for the beginner's sessions first to decide if you like it? I can't comment on the bike though sorry.
  • giropaul
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    It may be worth just checking that the bike is Manchester/Newport compliant. ... cation.pdf
  • scott-s30
    scott-s30 Posts: 45
    I did a taster session a while ago and loved it although i was knackered at the end!
    Very interesting about checking whether the bike is ok to use in the Velodrome. Seems daft that a bike designed for the track may not actually be 'legal' to use there. I'll look into this before making a decision, I want a bike I can use on the track; not an ornament..!
    Cheers for the replies gents.
  • giropaul
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    I'd be suprised if a bike advertised as it is isn't ok for Newport and Manchester, but it's always worth the checking - especially regarding bracket height, crank length and tyres.

    It looks right in the pictures though - do I detect a Terry Dolan influence?
  • warrerj
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    For that money I'd speak to Terry Dolan. With Pre Cursas starting from £449 and Track Champions from £599 you'll be hard pushe3d to get better value for money.

    If you want something different for the sake of it then talk to the guys at the track and have a look on the 2nd hand board.