Angle of knee and saddle height

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I've been having a slight problem with my right knee lately which has got me thinking about knee angle and saddle height.

Does anyone know much about this? I have read a few online articles that say around 150 degrees or in reverse 30 degrees of bend left in the leg at the furthest point away of the pedal stroke, i.e along the seat tube line.

All the articles seem quite old and can't really find much out there on knee angle and saddle height, whereas there are tons of bits on your inseam x .883 etc.

Would be really interested to hear anyone's experience who has tried to set their seat height on knee angle alone and nothing else.

I've taken a picture and had a measure and it came out at around 135 degrees.

Like I say, any thoughts appreciated.


  • Yes I had this in my left knee. Used an iPhone to record motion and some software to measure angles and I too was about 50degrees, ie saddle far too low. At a guess is your knee pain below the knee cap? Once I'd set up correctly much much better for me. I also found that sitting a little more on hills and spinning vs higher gear and effort helped while I'm still building strength. Make sure you're measuring when your right crank and pedal are aligned with the seat tube ie absolute bottom out position.

    Hope this helps and good luck.
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    The answers on the front page of Bikeradar!

    I personally think you really need to go to a bike fitting centre if you're having joint problems as self diagnosis can be more harmful (but cheaper!).
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