Bull bars replacing racing bars

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Is it a simple change over ? I am thinking of swapping as I consider they will be more comfortable for me. I rarely get down onto the 'lower bars' and to be honest find it a touch uncomfortable when I do. Usually therefore ride on the brake hoods.

I am 63 years old, ride a cheapy starter road bike, and do a couple of rides each week (if no ice !) of circa 40 miles each. Are there issues in swapping ? Are the brake levers transferable ? Anything else I should consider ?


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    I've just put MTB straight bars wth bar ends on my touring bike - which I guess is the same as using bull bars. You might find it difficult to use 'normal' gear/brake levers (eg brake levers hit the bars before the brakes are fully on). I have now fitted MTB gear levers and MTB brake levers - with bull bars you might try time trial type levers which fit in the ends of the bars. I don't find the gear levers less uasable, although I don't change gear that often.
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    You will need to change the shifters and recable the system. Choose MTB shifters that match the number of gears on your bike, ie 8 speed, 9 speed or 10 speed. Not expensive this way round. From MTB to road bike, it's considerably more expensive. A bike shop will install "crosstop" levers for £40/£50, allowing you to retain the dropped handlebars but be able to brake from the existing road style shifters or newly fitted mtb style levers. See picture - best of both worlds.

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    Thanks for the advice guys. As ever, very informative.
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    Hi Prando,
    If your happy with the bars you have now, and find using the tops/hoods comfy......Just Cut the bottoms off.
    Ive been thinking about doing this on my winter bike !

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  • If you're comfy on the hoods why do anything at all? As time goes on and your body adjusts you may find that you can use the drops no problem, or it might be that the style of drop bar you already have isn't quite right. Not all drop bars are equal! Although you may not ride on the drops for any length of time, they can come in handy for cornering.

    Rather than fork out on bull bars and new cables and levers, it might be better to put that cash towards a proper bike fitting session. I had one a few years back and my comfort on the bike was transformed - in one fell swoop it eliminated the sore back, sore hands, sore feet, sore backside that I used to put up with.
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    pride4ever wrote:
    Some craaaazy s%$t going down here.

    Definitely! lol

    I want pics of these hacked bars! :lol:
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