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    Bike racing is a sport that fetishizes suffering

    That phrase says so much.
  • Awesome. Fair play to him. Riding by yourself when everyone else is in a pack must be a nightmare.
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    Someone dropped this into the T-A thread & since reading it I have to admire him. Have to say that I didn't think that much of him, but when you read his tweets;

    After all my grupetto mates threw in the towel w/130km to go I continued on alone in the rain attempting to make time cut. No results yet...

    Probably the most trying day I've ever had on a bike. When I wanted to stop, I thought about my Dad and I didn't quit. I made it, 37min down

    I thought abt my Dad because I know if he could be me on this day, healthy and disease free, he would spend 6.5 hrs fighting to finish too.

    And now I'm on the massage table crying like a little girl. So many times I wanted to cry today, it's all coming out now... Emotional day!!!

    Officially out of time limit. Rules r rules and I wouldn't want them bent just 4 me. I already did the math so it isn't a surprise. Onwards!

    You have to admire his effort but also his attitude towards not wanting the rules to be bent for him - think the phrase chapeau is rather fitting.
    Pain hurts much less if its topped off with beating your mates to top of a climb.