Chris Hoy bikes

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was in Evan cycles yesterday and the shop assistant told me that they are getting in Chris Hoy bikes, I asked what they bike are called or what will they be branded with and he didn't know, I then asked who is making them and again he didn't know. I asked him if it was Giant making them and he said know chris's company lol so I left it at that as I am unsure he knew a great deal about it and wasn't expecting me to ambush him with questions. I was surprised about him not knowing that Chris Hoy doesn't have a company making bikes and that Giant didn't just build Giant bikes. I mentioned that they Make Trek to and he seemed totally shocked that Giant made other brands.

I question whether he was having a laugh at my expense but he seemed real in the lack of knowledge on a few simple questions.

Does anyone know more about the Hoy branded bikes or how this is going to look. It must be all done because he said he was waiting for the order to arrive at the shop