H Plus Archetype, Velocity a23, or the classic Open Pro?

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Planning on buying a powertap and getting it built up at some point in the nearish future, and trying to decide which rim to pair it with. I have a pair of a23's and they're nice, but don't seem to feel any different to any other wheel. people have raved about H plus archetypes, but are they all that? Any better than an a23? And then there's the classic and reliable Open pro which just works, is light but it's not as wide.

The wheel will be mostly a training wheel, but will get a disc cover for racing and planning on building up (as a 28 rear) with CX ray spokes. Fitting the disc cover will be a consideration - does one rim lend itself to this more than another?

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    The Archetype is a prettier version of the A 23, there is virtually no difference in the ride.
    If you want a 28H, the wider rims will give you more stiffness than an Open PRO would. The Open PRO will also not build a particulalry strong wheel with the power tap flange at 28 spokes... a matter of bracing angles.
    On balance, I would say stick to the A 23, a single Archetype will look odd, the come as a set, really...

    You might want to consider something with a bit more profile too, for stiffness rather than look, something like Velocity deep V to stay in the same family
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    I think I was leaning towards the a23, as I've direct experience of them. Now all I have to do is figure out training with power!