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Dear members and fellow cyclists,

My name is René and I'm an independent inventor currently working on creating a device to help improve road cycling safety.

To ensure the product is relevant and helps eradicate or minimise injuries experienced by cyclist its imperative I gather feedback from the people its going to affect most; people who actually cycle. I feel the solutions designed or proposed currently to improve road cycling safety never include or take into significant consideration the views of the cyclist; resulting in mediocre solutions. With your help I would like to change this design approach.

Therefore would it be possible to spare 10mins (or more if you like) filling in my survey. Please ask anyone else you know to fill it in too as the more information will help build a better product.

Please access here:

What it is
Two-way technological device that will allow cyclists to communicate with each other and other vehicles on the road to make them aware of their location to minimise future accidents.
How it is meant to work
Currently researching various technologies to determine the best one or hybrid to use that will enable a fully scalable and fully functional product.
Why we need your help
In order to build a cycling- orientated product that include the features the cycling population find relevant and a must have, would it be possible to fill in our survey? This will help us focus on the core features required and reduce the time it takes to develop and test.



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    Not so inventive with names though!
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