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Pinarellos. Are they going out of fashion?

mallorcajeffmallorcajeff Posts: 1,489
edited March 2013 in The bottom bracket
I think way over priced for what they are.


  • Cleat EastwoodCleat Eastwood Posts: 7,508
    I think way over priced for what they are.

    What are they? :D
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  • sigorman85sigorman85 Posts: 2,536
    Nope I'm in the process of building one at the moment
    When i die I just hope the wife doesn't sell my stuff for what I told her I paid for it other wise someone will be getting a mega deal!!!

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  • mallorcajeffmallorcajeff Posts: 1,489
    Overpriced piece of plastic. Like many other bikes but at the bike show when i saw 10k and 14k i thought christ, i like an expensive toy now and again but its getting silly now.
  • willhubwillhub Posts: 821
    They're ugly bikes, even my FUGLY Planet X looks like a supermodel bike compared to a Pinarello.
  • PituophisPituophis Posts: 1,025
    Don't despair, you can get Chinese one's for much less money, and provided you never stop next to a real one, you can just pretend you have money to burn 8)
  • On_WhatOn_What Posts: 516
    yes, very uncool, I laugh in the face of Pinnarello owners!
  • bobhitchbobhitch Posts: 87
    Bet none of the above have ever owned one :D
  • YossieYossie Posts: 2,600
    They sell them in Halfords don't they?
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