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Kask K50 - Medium or Large

LeftfieldLeftfield Posts: 11
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I am looking for a new road helmet and am taken with the Kask K50 offers in Chain Reaction Cycles. However, I appear to fall in between their sizes, I am a fraction over 58cm which is over the medium kask (up to 58) but no where near 59cm (the lower end of their large). Has anyone any experience of a Kask K50 with a 58cm size head? Unfortunately there isn't anywhere local who stock Kask. Thanks.


  • eyebeeeyebee Posts: 257
    I had the same issues with the kask mojito and the medium fitted fine with enough room for a cap underneath. Your best bet though is to order one of each size and keep whichever fits best.
  • matt86matt86 Posts: 19
    Can't help with the sizing - eyebee's advice sounds the best.

    I have recently bought a k50 and it's worth noting there seem to be two models the "evo" which retails around £80 and the "CE" which is cheaper.

    CRC have a listing with a picture of the evo helmets: ... elID=93483

    I ordered a white one (when they had it in stock) and when it came it was the CE model and didn't look like the picture i.e. plain white (It had flower design on it) - yes I managed to miss the "Kask K50 Flowers Road Helmet" title! So returned it.

    Just something to bear in mind if you think you are buying an evo from CRC at the lower £39.99 price. I ended up going for a white/red one from wheelies ... elmet.aspx
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