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Can you service Look Keo pedals?, ive looked everywhere and cant find any information or manual about how to service them...unlike shimano pedals.

(if you cant i guess il have to just replace them as they have some play in them when i move them about.....was hoping they would last longer than 9months:( )


I had a service done of bike by Evans(they no longer do in store services) and im worried they have replaced my cables with some crappy cheap ones compared to the standard Dura ace ones i originally had.... :evil: (i say this as changing gears doesnt seem as crisp nor quick as before...)

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    Yes you can service Look Keos, depending on the version you need a special nut or a socket (can't remember what size off hand).

    Have no idea what cables they use but certainly wouldn't be Dura Ace unless you specifically specified. Even using good cable you can get poor shifting, all depends how they're set up.
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    Plus could with new cables the gears would have been indexed but you need to get over any cable stretch, not sure how long ago the service was done or how many miles/gear changes you have covered but this might also be a simple re-indexing issue.
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  • If you're that concerned about what brand of cable you have, why didn't you do it yourself? As Dan rightly says above, cables stretch.

    P.S. I have a hard time believing that Dura Ace cables can be worth the price, if their other consumables are anything to go by...
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    Just a thought as not sure where you live in relation to the Evans store that did the work to your bike or how easy it would be for you to just take to them.

    As per their own website they do an advice session via their facebook pager where you could alway use to ask them a question whilst they are on line - (at the bottom under if you don't live a store)
    Pain hurts much less if its topped off with beating your mates to top of a climb.