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Aero/TT helmet advice

colm_gticolm_gti Posts: 173
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I need an aero helmet now that I've picked up a TT bike and a skinsuit for the upcoming season, but can't decide on what to go for.

Is there REALLY any noticeable gains to be had from a £200 helmet over a £45 helmet? Other than the former being more aesthetically pleasing and (presumably) more comfortable?

I'm looking at a brand new Lazer Bullet for £45 or a Las Chronometro for £120, am I likely to notice much of a difference one it's on my head?


  • danlikesbikesdanlikesbikes Posts: 3,898
    There are several reviews but I always tend to take them with a pinch of salt.

    The last best scientific testing that is easily available and independent in that its the raw data can was done by MIT in 2007, though you might find some more recent data than this. You can download the preview document which you basically need to look at table 12 onwards which is from point 6.1.1 basically there is an advantage in terms of the percentages however this report is somewhat defunct as the helmets under test have since be superseded.

    But the testing is bang on and does give you an idea of the relevant values of the best and worse performing as a % of power.
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  • danowatdanowat Posts: 2,877
    Aero helmets are very individual, what is aero for one, isn't for another, as it's very dependent on position and body shape
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