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Ladies saddle

dyson1590dyson1590 Posts: 73
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I'm getting some Wiggle vouchers for my Birthday which I plan to spend on a new bike saddle, as the mens' standard which came with my Defy 1 isn't the comfiest on long 4/5hr rides (even with good chamois)!!
Just wondering if any ladies have a particular saddle available on Wiggle you'd recommend?

I'm probably going to buy this one - ... ow-saddle/
But have also seen this - ... ium-rails/

Anyone have any thoughts / experience?

Thank you in advance.


  • stanniestannie Posts: 167
    I had the Selle Italia Diva Gel but it was not very comfortable for me. it was a bit narrow at the rear and the nose was too long - although it might be fine for you.
    I now have a Fizik Ladies Arione Donna which is a bit better but not all day comfy ... ails-2012/

    If I were you I would be tempted try the Fizik Vitesse, or a Specialized Riva ( but I don't think Wiggle do them).
    I had the old style Vitesse on my last bike which was very good, (cycled Chichester to Chartres in 1.5 days no problem) but they have now changed it so I am not sure what the new one is like.

    However we are all different and what suits me might not suit you.

    If you want to borrow my Diva Gel I will send it to you (for cost of postage) to see how you get on with one.
    Waterford RS-14
    Trek Domane SL6
    Ridley Noah SL

    A woman can never have too many bikes!
  • Wacky RacerWacky Racer Posts: 638
    I can't offer personal advice, but I can tell you the experiences of my wife. She persevered with a OEM saddle on her Cube bike for a while, but it never wore in as she hoped. She went to a Leisure Lakes store (Cheltenham) and was measured properly, and ended up purchasing a Specialized saddle, mid range, haven't got the foggiest which model. I think the main point being that Specialized offer a wide range of sizes, I think she ended up with a 143mm from memory. She is slim but I'm told that women tend to have slightly wider sit bones than men. What I can say is that she has been impressed with the saddle she ended up with and it was definitely worth the trouble of going to get a proper fitting session.

    As you want to purchase from Wiggle then you may be able to measure your sit bones at home. This link has some useful advice for choosing a new saddle, and there is a piece that helps you to measure at home. ... bly-30179/

    Good luck.
    Ridley Orion
  • VelonutterVelonutter Posts: 2,437 Lives Here
    Both my wife and Daughter have the Charge Laddle for £20 and after thousands and thousands of miles they have yet to have any discomfort from day 1.

    Worth giving them a go.
  • petemadocpetemadoc Posts: 2,331
    Finding a saddle is trial and error which can get expensive.

    My wife went through 4 different ones but now has this one and loves it ... UCCCxxwu2Y

    The Charge has to be worth a shot for £20
  • dyson1590dyson1590 Posts: 73
    Just wanted to say thank you for the responses, much appreciated and very helpful.

    I will look into getting measured and see what the rules are around saddles - Wiggle do Collect plus for example so I can send a saddle back for free - but can I do that if it's out of packaging and has been sat on etc etc...
  • mr_sjmr_sj Posts: 507
    My wife uses a charge laddle and she says its very comfortable, i have also used it quite often when her bike is on the turbo and it suits my manly censored very nicely, so i guess that means i acrually have a ladies censored
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