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The Wednesday AM Thread

RaymondavalonRaymondavalon Posts: 5,346
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Greetings Maggots,

Midweek meh, with a busy day ahead.
Fortunately the meetings are local, so no crazy road trip stuff today
Tonight I am meeting my offspring for supper at a seafood place, so win
Now I just need to get through this day,,,, *Yawn*


  • Work meh as usual 6-2 this week so that's a win, legs hurting a bit after yesterday's ride.

    Looking forward to this weather getting better so layers can be removed, caffeine has been had onwards to porridge and the rest of the day.

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  • bg13bg13 Posts: 4,598
    porridge, work meh, turbo sesh, work meh, foods and a quick walk!

    thats my day!

    have a good one!
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  • tlw1tlw1 Posts: 19,421
    bg13 wrote:
    porridge, work meh, turbo sesh, work meh, foods and a quick walk!

    thats my day!

    have a good one!

    bar the walk - similar :(
  • ClankClank Posts: 2,323
    Mornin' slackerbeds and lollygaggers,

    Bacons awaits.

    That's it.

    Onwards! To coffee! And piggymeats!
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  • VWsurfbumVWsurfbum Posts: 7,959
    Morning Walkers,
    Nout in the diary today, except picking No1 up from school. other than that, Job hunting and work avoidance.

    Bike setting up night tonight, then its all down hill to sundays Enduro. :wink:

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  • cicatrizcicatriz Posts: 411
    After a good night's sleep I'm feeling quite cheerful again this morning. It may also be that cake making minion is back in work today so there should be something tasty to munch on later.

    Expecting another day of finger pointing meetings and other such shizzle.

  • pilchpilch Posts: 1,136
    bg13 wrote:
    porridge, work meh, turbo sesh, work meh, foods and a quick walk!

    thats my day!

    have a good one!

    My day too, just in a different order

    Final preparations for MSG 1 on Sunday at Tunstall bog, not looking forward to destroying my carbon loveliness - my opt for bike 'B', 3lbs heavier, but I cant see that's gonna make an awful lot of difference when its axle deep in censored ...
    A berm? were you expecting one?

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  • MissBint37MissBint37 Posts: 1,503
    Morning all well just, been frying my brain with work stuffs this AM. Now contemplating lunch, bacons baguette me thinks, but the question is BBQ sauce or ketchup, not feeling the HP today.

    This afternoon brings another visit to the pyhsio followed by a photo shoot with 2 more half nakedy hot wiminz for an artist friend of ours who paints fetish imagery. 6 1/4" heels at the ready :) The boy also encouraged said activities, me thinks he wants to see the photos haha.

    After that, home to bake tasty cake based goods for the boy as part of his steak and a BJ day treats....

    Then revision :(
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  • ThewaylanderThewaylander Posts: 8,767

    Today is proceeding at a leasurely pace with coffee and power point work... hate powerpoint!
  • MissCMCMissCMC Posts: 545
    Work Work Work. Nearly finished mine so can I go home for the day? Not my fault that the assistants don't work as fast as I do! Weekend is turning into a fun plan of looking at student finance stuff for one sibling going to Med School this year, being measured for a bridesmaid dress and working out where I can lose weight to annoy the dressmaker (my mum) as she will have to alter it and maybe playing bikes before going lambing. Oh and going to visit friends in Cheltenham and watch the rugby, and update my CV. What weekend!
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  • spongtasticspongtastic Posts: 3,131
    'Noon mongs!

    Today is fail. No sleep last night, can't move my damn arm without getting pins and needles in my fingers, phoned and emailed agency at 8.00am saying there's no way I can get to the A10 without causing a pile up. Agency ignored this and phoned at 10.00am to ask why the fark I wasn't there! Signed off for another week so I'm going stir crazy, the house will look like a scene from the shining if I don't get better soon. Physio booked for tomorrow morning, wife has said she's taking me as the girl on the phone sounded nice.

    So bored will be making cake later, at least I can still do that.
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  • VWsurfbumVWsurfbum Posts: 7,959
    MissBint37 wrote:
    The boy also encouraged said activities, me thinks he wants to see the photos haha.
    Sod him, we've known you longer!

    Kazza the Tranny
    Now for sale Fatty
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