THULE 9502 towbar 2 cycle bike Carrier

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Hi All,

I am looking for a tow bar mounted carrier for my Peugeot 308.

The carrier is only going to be used for my Specialized Allez.

I like the look of the Thule 9502 carrier which seems to fit the bill perfectly, except, the company I am buying it from state that it not suitable for carrying road - drop bar cycles.

I am inclined to believe them obviously, but, I would appreciate advice on a similar price/spec tow bar cycle carrier for a road bike.

Or has anyone else used one of these successfully to transfer a road bike?




  • I have used one of these for 4-5 yrs with no problems at all. I usually load it with 2 hard tail m/bikes but I have used it for my Specialized road bike with or without a mountain bike. I can't see how the drops affect the loading of the carrier. The upright moves and fixes to the doawntube with a strap then each wheel is strapped in the carrier simple!
    I also have the 9503 three bike carrier. This is almost idendtical but its built for 3 bikes. again 2 mbikes and the road machine fit a treat.

    I hope this helps.
  • danowat
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    I've got a brand new one still in the box for sale, make me an offer :)

    Yes, they fit drop bar bikes no problem.
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    If its just for one bike then have a look at the 970 ( cheaper and quicker to mount). I've driven to the pyrenees and back twice this year without any probs. the only downside is you have to take it off to access the boot, but it only takes a couple of minutes.
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    I had the 9402 (exactly the same) and regularly had two drop handlebar bikes (down to France even) without
    any issues at all. Just make sure that the bikes face in opposite directions on the carrier.
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    I have the Thule 9502, we use it every week, mostly to carry mountain bikes but it also carries road bikes with no problem. If I was to purchase one now, it woundn't be the 9502, I buy a 916, 921 or a 941 more expensive be easier to use. The 9502 is not that easy to drop when mounted to the towball, every time I have three bikes mounted I need to get into the back of the car... :evil: