Uneven distribution of coldness on a ride

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On a long ride at this time of year it's not uncommon to get cold hands, despite having some chunky gloves. My left hand always gets colder than my right though.

Suspect there's some circulation thing at play there, but does anyone else have this?


  • That sounds very circulation related!
  • thefd
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    Not had that - my feet often get cold, while my hands are ok, but not had one hand colder than the other.
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  • chrisaonabike
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    Pure speculation as to whether it's related, but probably more gear shifting and more braking with right hand than left, so it's moving around more.

    Could be something more subtle - gripping differently with the two hands, leaning asymmetrically on the bars a bit, thus applying more pressure on one than the other.

    I find my left hand ends up forced down into the glove a bit more than my right, which applies a bit of pressure so I often slacken it off a little by pulling the glove off a few mm.

    It'll be hard to pin this one down, I suspect. All I know is that it's bloody cold.
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  • ShutUpLegs
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    Probably using the right hand more changing gear/ braking etc
  • phreak
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    handlebars not quite even?

    How do you mean? :)
  • keef66
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    I had exactly the same thing on saturday. Left hand was a lot colder than the right. Had to keep shaking my glove loose and trying to persuade some blood into my fingers. Mind you, all of me was pretty cold by the time I got home; rained a lot more than I was expecting, and I hadn't layered up enough :(
  • rolf_f
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    phreak wrote:
    handlebars not quite even?

    How do you mean? :)

    Indeed! I'm pretty sure you are meant to have an odd number of handlebars.....
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  • zakstory
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    have the same thing with my feet, right foot always goes numb ages before the left. Wind direction a factor?
  • I always get it in my left hand also. Even reading in bed causes my left hand to get cold, never my right. The only way to stop it is to keep moving / re-adjusting.

    If I stand around at the rugby I need to actively flex my hand and hold any cold drinks in the other hand as it can get bad pretty quick then my toes go. A hand warmer can really help, though I think that's as much a psychological thing.
  • It's my right hand with me, fingers get very cold, the left not so much. What I have found is that my winter gloves make for great summer gloves, and good for knack all else in the winter.
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  • phreak
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    Does seem reasonably common then. Has anyone explored as to why it happens?
  • schlepcycling
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    zakstory wrote:
    have the same thing with my feet, right foot always goes numb ages before the left. Wind direction a factor?

    Same for me, right foot always goes first, thought it was down to the one foot bigger than the other thing.
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  • Mikey23
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    Of course you could be riding directly under a cold/ warm front ...
  • Monty Dog
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    phreak wrote:
    handlebars not quite even?

    How do you mean? :)

    Well, if you're always going around in circles, the hand on the outside will get colder as it will be passing through the cold air a bit quicker :lol:
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  • amaferanga
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    Wind direction?
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  • Flexisurfer
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    When I take my dog for hs morning walk I get very old hands, even with thick gloves on but my feet remain warm. I get on my bike to commute to work, my hands warm up nicely and feet go cold. I don't get the kind of differentiation as you get though.
  • Mikey41
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    I have had this too, but in my feet. Despite shoe covers my right foot warmed up and my left didn't. Possibly I fastened the left one slightly too tight.
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  • davep1
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    My left thumb, specifically the area where the thumb-print is, always gets colder than any other part of my hands. This is with two pairs of gloves on, all I can do is tuck it up behind fingers if possible. I just thought I was holding the bars lower with my left hand putting the thumb into the airflow more.
    My feet are always cold too, with two pairs of socks shoes and overshoes. I keep trying different combinations of socks but usually just have to put up with it.