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Wentwood 50 - Goshawk challenge

warrerjwarrerj Posts: 665
edited March 2013 in XC and Enduro
Can I just say - Organisors take a bow!

Well marshaled from the time we turned up to the time we left. Well prepared (e.g. bails of straw to throw on to the field if it got muddy). Excellent feed and drink stations with tea, coffee, cake, Troq drinks etc. Good course (even if it seemed 95% of it was uphill!)
AND all for local charity not some fat cat business!

When it comes around again next year give it a bash guys 'n girls! :wink:


  • sskellysskelly Posts: 79
    I'll second that. A very friendly, well organised event. Yesterday was the third one I have done and it was by far the hardest. How the hell you can go uphill so much without going down is beyond me!!

    Well done to the organisers and everyone who rode it!!!
  • senojsenoj Posts: 213
    Yep i enjoyed it, hilly and greasy yesterday.
    Well organised as always.
  • JBAJBA Posts: 2,820
    I hated it!
    As mentioned above how can there be so much uphil yet so little downhill? A lot of that downhill was horrible as well. Mud so sticky you had to pedal hard to get through it.
    Organisation was excellent though and a credit to the folk behind the event.

    Will I be back next year? At the moment it's a definite 'no', but ask me again in a couple of months and I know I'll say 'yes'. :)
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  • senojsenoj Posts: 213
    Lol, its always " I won't be doing that again"
    Time is a great healer :D
  • Good event and well organised, 3rd time I've done it - 25km was actually 32km though hehe.

    But, the route this year was craaaaaaap! Too much steep up, boring down and mostly was on fireroad/road...
    I think there was 1 good and long (muddy and rocky) descent just before the 6km road climb.

    I couldn't pull myself round to doing the 50k, one more road climb and I'd have killed myself haha.

    Last years route was way way way better, but i'll be back, probably :lol:
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