GP4000s+5 tubes or Opn Paves for £65/70?

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After about 15 months of good service my current GP4000Ss are finished. Haven't had issues with them and would probably replace like with like. However, the front is on the way out too, so I'll need a pair.

Now I can get the wiggle deal of 2 tyres + 5 tubes for 65 OR break the bank and get a pair of Vittoria Open Paves for 71 (vanilla bikes). My heart says Paves and my head says GPs. Annoyingly I only have 1 set of wheels so can't switch them around (easily!) and I probably won't be bothering with latex/butyl tubes.

I do have a pair of Open Corsa Evo CXs unused, but think given the oncoming weather it's a bit silly to have them chopped up and I may save them for dry days, but if I had Paves, what would be the point in having both?

I reckon if I get the Paves I would flog the CXs, but if I went the GP route I may keep the CXs for when I can be bothered to swap them out on really nice days.


(Oh, and its on my 1, do-it-all bike). London commuting, sportives, training rides etc.


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    The pave are designed for a very special job... Grip... As such they wear quickly in summer
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    So go for GPs and keep the Corsas for best? (I've never had grip issues with the GP throughout 2 winters, so i'm not lacking on that front)
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    Just keep the GPs for all year use! I use the GP4000s on my dry weather bike, and they're superb.
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    Yeah I would do that but I have the Corsa CX which I picked up for 40 quid for the pair when Ribble was giving them away!
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    My pave wore out very quickly and did not feel any better to ride on than the GP 4000s.
  • I bought a set if the GPs plus tubes from wiggle last week. Good price.
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    i use gp4000s all year round, and evo CX's on the racing wheels.

    Oh, and you probably will be bothering with butyl tubes.