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Which brake adaptor?

konadawgkonadawg Posts: 447
edited March 2013 in MTB workshop & tech
Just bought an RS Domain 180 fork.

Post mount.

Q - do I buy any ornery Post-Post for 203 adaptor?

Just wondering in case the fork's posts are any taller than normal in view of the fact that, well, it is what it is - or are practically all posts the same standard height?

Ta in advance.
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  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Is a standard post mount.
  • konadawgkonadawg Posts: 447
    Thanks Mr Supersonic!
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  • konadawgkonadawg Posts: 447
    Short follow up, all went sort-of well except that Superstar's adaptors dimensions are slightly out, the calliper bolt threaded hole spacing (on the adaptor) is slightly too wide so the calliper bolts tend to bind in the calliper holes, main disadvantage of that being that the calliper will not self centre when adjusting its position (the disc flexes instead!)

    Fixed by some filing of the calliper holes.
    Giant Reign X1
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