Stafford Road Club crits - April 6th

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Anyone else doing these? The organiser tells me that there's plenty of room still. Closed, traffic free and safe circuit. ... Itemid=107


  • jgsi
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    I'm in with the first event on that circuit with Stone Wheelers 31st March. TLI rules.
    April is a busy month, but a Saturday race , I might be very tempted.
  • lfcquin
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    I've had a note from the organiser. The race has been cancelled. MOD want to use it as a firing range instead. I'm just glad they remembered to tell us!
  • giropaul
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    I've just found this from the organiser,

    I have just been informed by the ministry of defence that they now intend to use the Swynnerton MOD base where we were going to host this years Crits on the 6th of April as a live firing range and they have subsequently cancelled our race.

    Apologies once again, but this cancellation is out of my hands. Stafford Road Club hopes all the riders who intended to ride this course have a good season and we will perhaps see you at one of our other events this year

    (could have been a novel form of a devil though!)
  • ju5t1n
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    I’ve often thought that Hillingdon would benefit from having a few snipers
  • jgsi
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    There is racing on this MoD 'circuit under tli rules - Stone Wheelers.
    The racing on Easter Sunday went without a hitch. it was just too cold for me to function correctly despite the sunshine. The corners had a bit of debris but nothing untoward and a massive pothole (even here) was marked out with cones.
    next racing is 26th May.