Cannondale Caad8 6 or Bianchi Via Nirone 7

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After years of mountain biking I'm going to buy my first road bike. After some orientation over the last couple of days I made a shortlist of two bikes:

Cannondale Caad8 6 Tiagra
Bianchi Via Nirone 7 Tiagra

Both affordable bikes with reasonable specs, a decent frame, and great looks. Anyone has experience with either one of these bikes? I'm really curious, I just can't make up my mind. One concern I have is the position on the bike: as a beginner on the road I'm slightly worried that the position on the Bianchi would be lower than the Cannondale. Not planning to race bytheway, just tour.

I'm looking forward for your advice :)


  • vala
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    I just purchased a Via Nirone 7 a couple of weeks ago after mainly being into mountain bikes, I do commute on a Cotic Roadrat singlespeed though.
    For my first road bike I'm extremely happy. Best thing I would suggest would be to find a shop that stocks them both then try and get a test ride sorted.
  • smoggysteve
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    Cannondale is lighter than the Bianchi and maybe better wheels. Low end Bianchi wheels are terrible. Saying that, the Via Nirone is a very good bike.

    Also the Bianchi Via Nirone is a Coast to coast frame so it is more upright and would do for long distance touring
  • lc1981
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    Yes, I thought the Via Nirone was more of a sportive bike, whereas the CAADs are more race-oriented, so I would be surprised if the Bianchi was lower.
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    On the Cannondale website it says they increased the length of the head tube, offering an easier ride. I'm happy to read the comments about the Bianchi, though.
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    I too have a Via Nirone which I bought as a taster to see whether I would enjoy road riding having crossed over from MTB,Its a great bike as a starter,as already mentioned the wheels arnt great and I have noticed quite a lot of flexing.

    All in all its a great all rounder and a comfy ride.ive had mine 2 yrs now and it has served its purpose.
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    The CAAD is supposedly a race geometry but in reality it isn't that aggressive, you really really really should try and ride them before making a decision.

    If you really can't try them then I would get whichever has the best wheels, they're the thing that really makes a difference.
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    Thanks, I'll see if I can get a test ride in the weekend, I'm very excited to get my first racing bike!
  • t4tomo
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    Not a lot between them and similarish geometry. I have an Via Nirone and the geometry is perfect for touring / sportives - relaxed but not overly relaxed.

    Your head will compare specs vs price, I suspect the Biabnchi might be a touch more expensive but the stock RC finishing kit marginally better.

    If you follow your heart, the Bianchi looks loads nicer. :lol:

    If you look on epic cycle website, theyhave some of the Alu carbon framed Via Nirones for £999 withh veloce Groupo. Worth getting over the standard Tiagra version I'd say for the carbon rear stays - mine has these, makes for a lovely smooth ride plus a bit of bling factor.
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