Which Garmin Edge 800 package?

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One for all you 800 owners out there please.... decided to take the plunge and get one.
I've decided to get the package with the heart rate and cadence, but what about the map packs?
Is it not already installed with a UK map or do I have to buy the bundle with the navigation bundle included (extra £40)?
I am likely to use it for navigation and will also use it in France this year so would like the maps on it.
Or can I download the maps somewhere?
Thanks for looking....


  • slowbike
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    There are OSM (open street maps) packages that you can download (eg http://talkytoaster.co.uk/ukmaps.htm) - so don't worry about the Garmin maps - you just need a memory card for it - if you want france as well then get a card >=4Gb otherwise you'll be shifting data around the whole time.
    Btw - it's quicker to put the card in a card reader rather than transfer via the unit.
  • john12
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    Thanks alot - just what I wanted to know. You just saved me £40 - top man.
  • jimmocrates
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    +1 for OSM
    I got a Garmin 800 in January. Have been using OSM and I can't fault it.
  • handful
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    + another for Talkytoaster. Great maps.
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  • fsman
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    Guide and garmin setup instructions here.

    http://www.scarletfire.co.uk/2012/11/fo ... -edge-800/

    Highlighly recommend the talkytoaster mapas

    Only downside, they don't highlight the UK cycle routes. If you want these try my maps as an alternative.
    https://sites.google.com/site/openstree ... incycleuk/
  • fsman
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    Oh one more thing. Get yourself a free account on ridewithgps.com
    Much better than garmin connect to plan and track your rides.
  • john12
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    Cheers guys, really helpful stuff there. Thanks.
  • zx6man
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    finding this I may now get the 800 from handtec...
  • Bar Shaker
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    I got my 800 for under £300 with full Europe maps and the performance bundle.

    You just load the SD card and go... anywhere in Europe.

    When I bought mine, Halfords were cheaper than anyone.
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  • diy
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    I bought my Garmin 800 from hantec, fast service never had any issues and normally among the cheapest.

    I would also go for the HR pack, but the HR and cadence pack is worth the extra.
  • chrisaonabike
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    Bar Shaker wrote:
    I got my 800 for under £300 with full Europe maps and the performance bundle.
    When I bought mine, Halfords were cheaper than anyone.
    You did very well then! It's 360 from them now. Mine should be arriving from Amazon tomorrow (performance bundle, not the maps) :)
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